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Is it transmission fluid or antifreeze? (93 Camaro)

Went to change the antifreeze on my friends 1993 Camaro. The draincock (on the bottom passenger side of the radiator) is directly below where the tansmission line enters the radiator. When I opened the drain - reddish brown fluid came out. I was afraid it was transmission fluid! As the new antifreeze coolants are reddish in color - how do you tell the difference?

As far as I know the only fluid that should come out of the radiator drain is radiator fluid. Quick check - add some water, if it mixes completely, it’s radiator fluid, if it separates, it’s transmission fluid, and your friend has BIG problems!

There could be a problem with the radiator. Redish brown could also mean you haven’t changed your coolant in long time.

This car is owned/operated by a female companion so I don’t know all the history. My guess is that the coolant has not been changed in some time. It is a little confusing to have the draincock directly beneath the transmission line fitting - then to have reddish-brown fluid come out. It does make sense that only coolant would come out . . . perhaps the only way to drain the transmission fluid portion of the radiator w/b to disconnect the transmission lines?

it is antifreeze. it uses that dex cool antufreeze which can look like tranny fluid after along time.