Is it safe to drive a car with no hood?

I wouldn’t want to come out to my parked car after a rain storm and find the ignition wires in a puddle of water.

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Wash your engine repeatedly as an experiment. Eventually, you’ll get water somewhere that it doesn’t need to be.

Car she hit had spare tire mounted high
Got a nice hood today for $37. Fit in my suv
Has 2 layers. No way to reach dent from backside.

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@Nevada_545 My parents owned a 1947 Dodge and then a 1949 Dodge. I am not sure these cars needed a hood. My dad had to wipe off the spark plugs after a heavy rain. The hood didn’t do much good.
Both of these Dodges were bottom of the line models and Chrysler Corporation in its wisdom, did not put boots on the ends of the wires where they connected to the spark plugs. The higher trimline models did have these boots.

I think no plug boots may have been pretty common back then? I don’t think my dad’s 1950 Chevy truck has plug boots. It’s been a while since I’ve messed around with it, but I seem to remember just little metal clamps. No turn signals or passenger side mirror, and only one taillight as well. I guess those were optional.

My first car, a 1947 Pontiac, did not have turning signals. I bought a turning signal kit from Montgomery Ward and spent an afternoon installing the turn signals.
The lawnmower engines back in the early 1950s and before did not have s boot at the end of the spark plug wire. There was a metal strip you pushed to ground out the spark plug to the cylinder head.