Is it safe for me to continue to drive my 2003 Chevy Silverado when it's throwingp0 650 code p 0 1 28 p0 453

Is it safe for me to continue to drive my 2003 Chevy Silverado when it is throwing codes p0 650 p0 128 and p0 453

google is your friend

p0128 is likely due to thermostat stuck open
p0453 is about gas tank pressure sensor
p0650 seem to be “no issue” until you get first two resolved

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IMHO the car is past due for a new thermostat. I change every 10 years.
Use original brand. There’s some aftermarket junk out there.

I don’t think that you are going to get substantially different answers than when you posted the same question yesterday, at the end of an old thread:

If you have a temp gauge you may be able to tell how cool it is running. I had one that was maybe 3 degrees too cool, not as urgent as never warming up, a new thermostat fixed mine.

If you’re getting a fuel tank pressure sensor code, that’s probably part of the evap system testing. The computer does that testing to make sure no gasoline vapors are escaping from the fuel system, which could pollute the air. EPA regulations may require that function, don’t know for sure. Anyway the computer probably implements the test it by pressurizing the gas tank slightly, then verifies it holds that pressure for a certain period of time. The code either means it isn’t holding the pressure (i.e. you have a leak) or the sensor’s readings are faulty. If you have a leak, it could be very easy to find and fix, or very hard to find and fix. The repair for example may require removing the gas tank. You could try replacing the gas cap, might work.