Is it ok to change oil warm? (2005 Pontiac Grand Am)

I changed the head gaskets in my car last summer. Ive been accused of being overprotective but I don’t what to be taking the engine apart again. Will changing oil in a warm engine (about 130-150°F) cause any damage to the head gasket due to the difference in temperature drop with room temp oil?

No, not at all, won’t hurt a thing. In fact, oil should be changed warm.

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Changing warm oil ensures you get all the old oil out! It’s the preferred method.

ever go to jiffy lube? or a dealer for oil change? do you leave your car there overnight and have them do it when the motor is cold?
where did you come up with this theory about motor damage with cold oil/hot motor?
i always worry about cold gas in MN when its -25F. i dont like putting cold gas in my warm gas tank.

Oil changes are supposed to be done warm… Warm engine, drop the oil, change the filter and fill her back up…Its oil change 101.

You are overthinking things by a rather large margin…

Be careful not to burn yourself.Warm engine oil on your hands and forearm can be painful if you don’t wear gloves and long sleeves. This is the reason most shops wait until the oil cool a bit.

Yes, proceed either way but warm oil flows better. The important part is changing the oil, not the temp. Yes over thinking indeed but do it yourself and don’t trust the quicky lubes.