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Is it normal to have to change each headlight about 6 months apart consistently?

No, it does not have daytime running lights. There isn’t much night time driving, unless you count daylight savings. You are correct with the time frame. If that’s the average time frame, then I guess I’ll deal. Thanks

I have actually gone through a few alternators, after finding out I needed to replace a valve cover gasket. I would love it if the most recent repair made the difference since both were repaired in August. Thanks

Okay, it’s interesting you mention that because I’ve had to replace 3 alternators until I found out that it was caused from a leak in the valve cover. They both were replaced in August so we’ll see what happens.

I don’t wear gloves but I pick it up by the plugs. No one has ever actually mentioned wearing gloves.

At some point, you have to touch the glass envelope of the bulb, and if you are not wearing clean exam gloves you will transfer skin oil to the glass, thereby shortening the life of the bulb.

This is true but it would affect all the bulbs in the vehicle, not just the headlights. Since the OP admitted to not wearing gloves, I think the problem has been solved.

However, I don’t wear gloves either, I handle the glass part of the bulb with a clean paper towel folded in half, or a Kleenex folded in quarters.

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Not necessarily. My Accord headlight bulbs are inserted from the rear. I never have to touch the bulbs. They are a real PITA to get to, though.

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I have to admit that I have never seen that design.

Chevy Cobalt headlight UCB’s insert from the rear, too. Remove the headlamp assembly, pull the plug, then unclamp the bulb and pull it out. You go inside the front fender through the wheel well to change the Accord bulbs.

Pretty common.

Headlight bulbs and fog light bulbs are inserted from the rear of the lamp, how would you open the front?
The brake light, turn signal and side marker bulbs you must handle the bulb to insert it into a socket.

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A runaway alternator can cause a lot of electronic issues. A simple way to check is to take your car to an auto parts store which has an alternator tester, ORiellys for one. It looks like an old star trek tricorder with wires. It’s usually a free test.Basically, an alternator has a built in voltage regulator which can demand the alternator to give too much voltage or too little. Also ,if the alternator pops a diode then it has to work harder to meet the regulators demands which can cause other evil scenarios. So, step one check the alternator, replace if necessary, and call me in the morning.

It’s a Hyundai.

Every. And I do mean every single hyundai or hyundai made vehicle that I’ve owned has burnt through headlights like no ones business. We explored every option, nothing made a difference. So we eventually got in the habit of keeping a extra in the glove box with the appropriate tools so we could change it out on the fly.

I grew up working in a big chicken house that had to use special bulbs because the vibration from all the fans caused the bulb filaments to vibrate and fatigue. Therefore, when we had a Volvo S70 that went through bulbs like crazy, I assumed it was the vibration from that 5 cyl volvo engine that was harmonic with the elements of all the bulbs we tried. I guess it may have been a voltage issue because the headlights were never particularly bright. We fitted that car with HIDs. The light was better and we never changed a headlight bulb again.