Is having only one choke bad?

I have a corvair with only one choke on one side my question is, is that bad for the car and will it cause uneven wear on the carburetors considering that only one carburetor has a choke?
Cold weather is not a problem where I am. I know that’s one of the main reasons to have a choke is to get it to start in the colder weather.

And its a later model covair with the automatic choke system rather than the manual choke.

The only Corvair I remember having a manual choke was the 1961 I owned a 1961 Corvair. When I bought the car, the choke cable was missing. I had to buy the choke cable through the dealer to find a cable that was long enough. At any rate, I do remember that the cable attached to a part that closed the choke on both carburetors. If your Corvair is a 1961, then I think there is some part that is missing. However, I can’t see the harm if only one carburetor has an operating choke.

Sorry, I misread your post. I didn’t realize your Corvair had the automatic choke.

It won’t hurt a thing unless the choke flap is stuck closed or partially closed. In a case like that gas mileage could go down and running overly rich on that side could cause piston ring wear and other engine wear due to oil dilution.

If it’s fully open then there’s not a problem as long as there are no cold start issues.

I can’t remember if my 61 Corvair had a manual choke or an automatic. Can’t remember if it had two or one, and can’t even remember if I overhauled the carbs but think I did. At any rate the only function a choke performs is to richen the fuel mixture for starting cold. A closed choke at operating temp can cause some problems and excess fuel consumption, but lack of a choke will do nothing except make it harder to start when cold. Now why doesn’t it have a choke? OEM, removed, broken?

@Bing–the 1961 Covairs had dual carburetors and a manual choke. This was the only Corvair with the manual choke set-up. The first Corvair, the 1960 model, had a single carburetor and an automatic choke. I think all later Corvairs had dual carburetors.

The Chilton manual shows a photograph and description of the choke on dual carburated Corvair engines. An automatic choke was built into the central air filter base. There were no chokes on the individual carburetors

Alright thanks for everyone’s help it very informative