Is a 2002 cabriolet a good deal?


do you think a 2002 cabriolet with 50,000 on it is a good deal? I’ve always bought Honda Civics new and drive them to 212,000 miles–I’ve never needed to replace transmissions/clutches/engine/brakes/etc on them. I just keep up with maintenance. Can I expect that kind of performance and endurance with a cabriolet?


Huh? Honda makes a cab? Are you referring to the Honda S2000? Nice ride.

Whether it’s a good deal or not depends upon the price and condition. They’re great rides, and are typically bought by people like myself who are…more mature. So they’d typically be treated well and well maintained. A buddy of mine has one. It’s been 100% reliable.


I think we can assume that she is not thinking of buying a light 2-wheeled one-horse carriage . She is probably thinking of the VW product rather than some other convertable coupe. I do not know the vehicle well, but I think that you can assume that it will cost you a lot more to maintain than a Civic.


Why don’t you just keep buying Honda Civics ?


You may be right. Or, she could be looking at my personal favorite, the Porsche 911 cabriolet.

Just kidding. I actually prefer the 911 Targa 4 with its sliding glass moonroof.


You can get there from here but the trip could be hell.


I seriously doubt you did not replace brakes on a 212k Civic.

A VW will not need any replacement of transmissions/clutches/engine however has higher chance of getting electrical nags. They are very reliable in the auto tranny department and manual tranny/clutches, IMHO more so than Honda. Engines mechanically in the cabrio are not the troublesome one however electrical parts and sensors can be.

I think it will last just as long based on experience of friends with that car and decent mechanic who knows what they are doing with VW. It will have average expected reliability vs above average on a Civic.

If you want similar expected reliability as a Civic try a Miata although its missing a back seat.


Depending on where you live and park, expect to replace the fabric top at least once. There are many good shops that specialize in such work, just don’t use the dealer’s body shop. A soft top is best parked inside, summer or winter. I would hand wash the car; automatic car washes, except the brushless types, are hard on soft tops. Regularly clean off debris and you will enjoy the car for a long time. The mechanical and electrical comments above apply. Owners of Hondas and Toyotas are often in for a shock when they buy cars with a lower reliability and durablility.