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Is 5w30 ok to use on a new CRV?

You have to be careful with Honda Brake fluid. A similar fluid has to be synthetic to achieve the high temperature rating the Honda DOT-3 fluid has. And it cannot be silicone. I use Valvoline DOT 3 and 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid in my 2005 Accord and it works very well.

The manual says to use Honda motor oil or anything of the same quality.

I would follow the Oil Life Monitor and change the oil when it is between 20% and 10%. I follow the OLM in the 2 cars that have it and I don’t lose oil between changes in either,

I live in Florida (hot most of the time). I use 5W-30 in both of my hondas ('02 CRV and 04 Pilot). Recommended is 5W-20. Both cars have high mileage (out of warranty). My (excellent) mechanic say “never use 20W oil in hot temps, it’s bad for the engine.” Honda uses thin oil to improve mileage but that’s not neccarily good in hot climates.

Well I got reamed here for using 5-20 instead of 0-20. 5-20 is available as Dino oil so it’s cheaper than syn 0-20 but I will cry when my $8k motor fails from using $3/ qt oil.

What TYPE of oil does Honda specify (sythetic, blend, etc)? What WEIGHT oil does Honda specify for your driving conditions? You already made one mistake changing the oil early, don’t compound your error. I don’t know the specific chemicals, you can rest assured that Honda had good reasons for putting in the initial oil fill.

So can anyone tell me why they us 0-20.(honda CRV 2018) and other Honda with turbo??

Explain the question please.

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