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Is 2014 Buick Regal's electronic tire pressure more accurate than a hand gauge?

My husband and I have a disagreement. Could you please settle this for us? My husband says that the electronic tire pressure monitor readout in the car is not an accurate reading. He said his hand held pressure gage is more accurate. Is this true?

Forgive my ignorance. Does your Regal actually give a numerical value for the pressure in each tire?

I would be willing to bet money the car is more accurate than your husband’s gauge and I don’t even know what style gauge he owns.

I used to work for GM and carried a tire pressure gauge calibrated every year. When compared to the car’s reading, the car was spot-on.

To my surprise it does read out PSI. Agree with Mustang. Just using a gauge often releases some of the pressure.
But on the other hand, is this worth marital strife?
Neither method is going to be harmful.

I guess if the tires were all set to the correct pressure by an actual tire store then see what the vehicle reading is that would answer the question. Frankly this seems like some thing to not even worry about.

I believe @Mustangman is right, cause he’s never wrong. But I will still depend on mechanical rather than electrical. Just a personal thing.

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Oh, I’d disagree with that, but thanks anyway!

I like mechanical gauges, too, and depend on them but they’ve got to be good ones. Ones that can be calibrated, if needed.