Iphone is causing car to lock/honk when walking by?

97 Vette acts like you’re pushing the key fob when I walk by with my Iphone. Any ideas what this can be???

Stray radio waves on the same frequency as the car’s key fob. What model iPhone is it?

Every consumer communication device comes with this FCC warning.

1-This device may not cause harmful interference.

2-This device must accept any interference received including, interference that may cause undesired operation.


When the sewing machine was being used where I lived many years ago, the garage door opener would make the door go up and down. Must be something like that, some kind of radio frequency interference. Cell phones probably transmit from time to time seeking some kind of info or the other from the nearest tower even if you aren’t talking on it.

Does this car have an aftermarket remote start or security system?

Try turning the Bluetooth off.

Some years ago I installed a Sears garage door opener and had problems with other signals opening my garage door. I was in the driveway one afternoon as my wife used her remote to open the garage door. When she did…one of my neighbors garage doors opened at the same time as ours. When the door closed…the neighbor’s door did the same. I called Sears and they recommended that I change the dip switch settings on my remote and door opener. I did and had no other problems.

Newer garage openers have a rolling code that prevents your neighbor’s remote from opening your door. Older remotes had dip switches to set the security code to a matching opener. Because neither of you set the dip switches to something other than the default setting when you DIY’d your opener, each would open the others door. Even stray signals in the 400 MHz range would open the doors. DIp switches are gone on new openers but stray signals are not.

I’m not sure what would be broadcasting in an iPhone at 400 MHz but I won’t say it couldn’t happen.

It’s an iphone 5S, the Bluetooth might be it. I’ll try turning that off. The reason I think you may be right about the Bluetooth; is because at a recent car show; “some” other folks walking by the car would cause it to go off; but not everyone. Thanks!

Our airwaves are crammed with competing wireless signals…There is simply not enough bandwidth for everyone and everything. Wait until the “Terrorists” learn how to build R/F jammers that can and will disrupt ALL wireless devices including cell-phones over a wide area… The next war will be fought with electronics, not AK-47’s and plastic explosives…If all our “stuff” quit working, we would be helpless…