Inverter failure Lexus Rx 400h

The inverter in my hybrid Lexus rx400 failed at 65,000mi.

This was covered by warranty.($9000) What is the likelihood if this happening again? Should I get rid of the car before the warranty expires to avoid the risk of huge repair bills?


my inverter failed at 64,000 miles. Very scary and unsafe episode. Shuddering at 60 mph then nothing, no power to any of the wheels. The dealer covered it under warranty, but would have cost $9,700 with out tax otherwise. I am seriously considering selling the car or trading it in in the next 12 months. Unsafe and very expensive.

Why dont people think about these things in the showroom??? Hybrids might save you some $$ at the pumps but they get you after the warranty.


I had this same failure, at 66,000 miles. I’m interested in finding out from others who experienced this - have you been using the “B” shift position a lot? I had been, and was pretty pleased with the fact that I didn’t need brakes for 60,000 miles. Now, I wonder if this played a role. I’ve decided to stick with “D” for now, because I don’t want to end up paying for this repair after the warranty period is over.

What have you (and others) been doing?

Were the model years in this thread 2006? I have a $9K+ estimate on my 2006 Highlander inverter. Can anyone tell me if it is the same inverter in the Rx 400h?