Intermittent stalling at redlights

I have a 1994 chevy blazer 1500… I am having a issue with stalling only when truck is up to operating temperature… i have replaced everything and i mean everything… motor has 60,000 miles… new fuel pump and strainer,cap,rotor, plugs wires,ignition module,iac,tps,egr,map,vacuum lines,injectors,fuel regulator,temp sensor transmission completely overhauled torque converter included and all solenoids… i just can seem to figure it out and neither can any mechanic i ask… everyone is stumped… Does anyone have any suggestions to where i or what i can check next… i dont mind replacing parts that are old but there isnt many left to replace

Has more than one mechanic actually tried to diagnose it?
At this truck’s age, and after checking the normal stuff like spark plugs and filters, I’d want to test the compression. Low compression due to wear can cause an engine to die at idle.

Have you had any fault codes?
What’s the idle speed? Or is it slowly getting slower as it dies?
When it starts to stall, does shifting it to neutral allow it to idle normally?

The problem ,might be caused by a faulty crankshaft position sensor?


You cannot expect this problem to be evaluated properly unless you actually take this to a mechanic to diagnose the problem with the vehicle in front of him.

Afterall, you don’t call up the doctor for a “over the phone diagnosis”

I agree with @the_same_mountainbike that a dry and a wet compression test would tell us a lot.


Does it only happen with the brakes applied? If so I would be looking at vacuum lines and or the brake booster.