Intermittent high speed miss in 98 GMC K1500

My 1998 GMC Sierra K1500 has developed an intermittent high speed miss. I doesn’t miss while idling but with no apparent regularity it will jerk as though the engine lost power for just a moment. I just replaced the distributor cap and rotor and the plugs and plug wires appear to be fairly new (I bought the truck last May). The truck has about 213,000 miles on it. Any ideas?




Is it a automatic transmission? How about torque converter slipping? Had a Dodge that gave the same symptoms, bad torque converter.

Good comments above. Also anything that limits airflow or gas flow through the engine can show up as a high speed missing problem. Air filter, cat. fuel filter, fuel pump would be suspects. Be sure to verify the plugs are gapped correctly. Too wide of gap could cause this too.

Thanks for the input.

Plug wires on my '95 Suburban required replacing twice for this kind of miss. If you haven’t might be worth it.


Please tell us what engine you have so that we’re better able to help you