Intermittent electrical problem

I have a 2002 Chrysler Town&Country automatic with ca. 130K miles. Sometimes when I start the car, internal electrical items (radio, clock, windows, heat/air, wipers) do not come on. When this happens, if I put the car in neutral, turn off the engine, then restart in neutral, these electrical items come on. It doesn’t work if I start right out in neutral. Recently I noticed that when I have to restart in neutral, the car does not properly shift into drive. When I put it in drive and start driving the rpms are high (4000 rpm at 45 mph) like the car is actually in 3rd. The problem comes and goes unpredictably. Any thoughts? The dealership has never figured it out. They claim it may be one of many control modules. At least one controller has been replaced, but it didn’t solve the problem. Could it be a problem right in the ignition switch or steering column?