Intermittent Electrical failure



1998 Pontiac Grand Prix, Automatic.

Intake manifold recently repaired.

Problem - Electrical system cuts out completely. Car stopped completely. Radio turned self on and off. Clock would rest every time car restarted. Had hauled to garage.

Mechanic cannot duplicate the problem.



[b]Have your mechanic check the positive battery cable terminal.

The positive battery terminal is protected by a red rubber cover. It’s under this red rubber cover where corrosion can form causing an intermintant poor connection between the battery and the terminal. When this happens, all sorts of wierd electrical problems can occur.

For him to check for this, he has to peel back the red rubber cover for the positive battery terminal. If the corrosion isn’t too bad, it can be cleaned of the corrosion. If there’s heavy corrosion, it’s better to replace the positive battery cable. This is because the corrosion has probably reached into the battery cable ityself.