Intermitant spongy brakes

1991 caddy de ville. I start the car, back up a short distance, move forward about 5 yards and press brake pedal to stop. brake pedal move almost to floor. I go aways farther and aply brakes - need to pump to stop.

When I travel father and use the brakes, they seem to work o.k.

worried that there might be a leaky cylinder?

Mechanic had car for 3 overnights and could not find anything wrong. Car is not used everyday and has 151K on it.

What to do?

thx for assist-good suggestions for past problems.

First off, bleed the brake system. If it still happens, check the reservoir and see if the level goes down. If it does, look for fluid leaking somewhere, any of the four corners or lines. If the pedal still goes down, there are no leaks and the level does not drop, you need a new master cylinder.

Rripstop ,Thanks for systematic check list. help from all and especially rripstop, makes site worthwhile.
happy holidays and merry Christmas.