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Interior heat/cooling fan

Hi guys, I have a Jeep Wrangler 2004 and the fan (inside) only works all of a sudden on the highest setting. Any Ideas?/// do i need a new blower motor?.., switch? any help would be appreciated.

Most likely, the Resistor Pack that regulates the blower speed needs to be replaced.
On some cars, it is integral to the blower motor, and on others it is separate from the blower motor.

I am not familiar with the particulars for Chrysler products like yours, but for your sake, I hope that it is not integral to the motor.

More than likely the problem is with a faulty blower motor resistor module. This module controls all the lower speeds of the blower motor. When the blower speed is set on high this resistor module is by-passed so the blower works.


I have to agree with the previous answers. It’s probably the blower motor resistor pack. It’s a self contained unit that runs about $25 at Autozone.