Intense gas pedal vibrations at high rpm under load in my 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder gs 2.4L

The compression seems to be okay. I think I’m going to pull it apart again and recheck timing

Best of luck. Please keep us informed.

My 2002 2.4L coupe had a 5 speed.

was it manual? mine is triptronic

And the OP has an automatic trasmission, what do you think is causing the vibration?

When you did the timing belt, did you also do the belt for the balance shaft ? and properly time it ?

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He said they did:

This is a head scratcher. IMO, this observation is very concerning-

This is become such a stressful situation that I may drop it for a while. No mechanics want to take me on since they think it’s a lost cause and I think I just need a rest. Thanks for the help