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Instrument cluster is possessed

I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle 140,000 miles, that has kind of a hiccup miss also there are times when all of the gauges drop and them come back up. I have had the car at the dealership twice and to another mechanic. When I took it to the dealership the first time they told me that it was the spark plugs and the number 1 coil also had a mouse nest in intake manifold. I have replaced the spark plugs, coil 1, clean intake and replaced gasket, replaced MAF, fuel rail sensor and EGR as the codes have been read. Last time I picked it up from the mechanic it started missing in less than 10 miles to the dealership. The computer said nothing at first then the mechanic took a drive with it. He did have the gauges drop. The codes said charging system. My other mechanic check the battery said it was charging fine and that the alternator and battery cables are all good. Dealership and mechanic are at a loss for what to do.

Last night I was sitting in the car looking for a button that had lost. The car had not been driven all day, off, no key in the ignition. I heard the static noise that I have become familiar with and looked at the cluster and the gauges were all at the below their normal off position shaking and then stopped and returned to normal position.

Should I change cables, battery and alternator even when tested they say that they are OK? Has anyone else ever had this happen?

There Is A Ford Technical Service Bulletin For 2005-2006 Ford Five Hundred And Freestyle Models For:
Intermittent instrument cluster operation that can include gauges sweeping.

Some vehicles were found to have defective solder joints in the printed circuit board in the instrument cluster.
The clusters were replaced for customers complaining whie their vehicle was still under warranty.
This could possibly be causing one of the problems.

Please describe in more detail " kind of a hiccup miss."
Does this van have a CVT transmission ?