Installing New Brake Pads


Is it ok to slap on new pads onto a rotor that has very very minor lines in it and let the new pads just wear into the roters, Thanks your opion counts…


Yes, it is OK in my opinion. All rotors develop minor scratches with use. They do not seem to affect stopping power, else we would all be advised to resurface our rotors every 1000 miles or so.

I do not know if there is any easy way for a DIYer to determine when his rotors have degraded to the point of requiring resurfacing. If you feel the grooves are minor then you may proceed with pad replacement.


Yes, I agree with the previous post. I have reused rotors many times on different cars, some with possibly deeper grooves than you describe. The only reasons I will replace a rotor or rotors is if the swept area on the rotor is reduced due to rust or if the brakes pulsate more than I care to tolerate when stopping. Brake gently at first to allow the new pads to conform to the grooves.


My preference is to turn or replace the rotors with each brake job. Sure it costs more but to me it is safety issue. I prefer full 100% pad to rotor contact right away instead of when it wears in later. You never know when you need to stop NOW.


The new pads actually “bed in” very quickly with a few hard stops.


As long as the rotors haven’t been worn down to the minimum thickness, I’d reuse them, done it many times and never had a problem.


I’ve done it with no ill effects. Its better to slap a new rotor on and they aren’t that expensive anymore, but if it is not gouged it shouldn’t be a problem. I wouldn’t ever ever turn down rotors anymore. They are too thin to begin with and will warp quickly after being turned down, it costs to have them turned, and just a hassle to do.