Installing a Rear Stabilizer Bar from a 2003 CV or MGM to my 2010 Grang Marquis

Hi there! I am a long time fan of your show on NPR. I got a question ans would like your opinion on it - I am trying to install a 21mm thick rear stabilizer bar from a 2003 or 2002 Crown Vic. with P71 package to my 2010 Grand Marquis LS with fleet option - no rear sway bar. I try to verify the two bars form the Ford catalog but with little luck as they look like a fit but cannot confirm it. Can you provide your expert opinion on this? Much appreciate it and happy new year.

Wait for Caddyman to post a response.
He is all-knowing about these cars.

The 17mm bars are the same part number for the two years so the 21 will fit with its appropriate related parts.

…and I should have added that Ken Green is a Ford parts man, so he is equally knowledgeable about these cars!

Thanks fellas.