Installer scratched wheels during tire install/wheel balance

I had an installer install new tires and balance the wheels. Seems like they used wire brush to clean the glue residue. My rims are gun metal color and now they look silver in the area where old weights used to be. My rims have 5 spokes so they look very visible… am I just screwed? is there something I can do against the installer?

Sure, take it back to the installer and ask what they are going to do about this. Normally you use solvent to remove the adhesive. I’d suggest it was used to clean the spot before the weights went on not to remove old adhesive. It damaged the wheels paint.

Only the manager of the shop you used can answer that .

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Seems like a case, so sorry for the trouble. Realistically looking for new rims out of the complaint is hopeful but doubtful. Maybe some touch up paint, what do you want out of it?

That can be painted, we have several technicians that repaint wheels that have rubbed against curbs. It would only take a few minutes to touch-up that spot.

The factory wheel weight adhesive is difficult to remove, it can take 10 minutes to remove with solvents and still rub through the paint.


You’re being nice

I happen to think it’s a pita to remove, no matter how patient and careful you are, no matter if you have the proper removal tools and methods or not. It’s easily one of the more unpleasant tasks

Stick-on weights may look great . . . up for debate, as far as I’m concerned . . . but they’re not exactly technician-friendly

Now let’s imagine a very common scenario . . .

Customer comes in needing new tires

But the alloy rims are caked in black brake dust, which has become rock hard . . .

And you’ve not only got to remove the old stick-on weights, you’ve also got to prep the rim for the new stick-on weights . . .

uh huh

The first thing is to have a talk with the tire shop. There are places that specialize in fixing up wheels, including repainting, so one way or another you ought to be able to get them looking nice again. My shop places the stick on weights on the inside.