Inside air temperature?



The A/C on our soon-to-be-gone 2005 T&C is shot. I really like having air flowing, no matter what the temperature outside, so I turn the fan on, temperature setting to the lowest.
My wife claims that is hot air, heated by the engine, since it passes through the engine compartment. She refuses to acknowledge that the intake is at the base of the windshield (am I right?) and the system directs the air according to how things are set. Untreated outside air basically comes straight in (am i right?), while heated air goes through the heater core (I know I’m right) and A/C air goes through the A/C unit (again, I’m right, obviously).

.She says the air coming through the vents is much hotter than outside, comparing it to the air coming through the windows, when they are open and the van is in motion. I say that’s due to the wind. (Am I right?)

I’ve written to the newspaper column, but have my doubts that the lazy oafs there will read and answer, if they are able to read at all.

In other words, I say her idea is BOGUS. She says I’m insensitive and wrong.

What say you, community of people who actually know something about cars?


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I have a feeling that your wife might be correct about the insensitive part.


My suggestion is to seek marriage counseling, as–overall-- this question clearly goes much deeper than the simple issue of ambient air temperature in the OP’s van.



Alternatively, you could just roll down the window.


They make a device that will tell you the temperature of the air in either location if you hold it there for a short time.


You are right, right, right.

When it comes to the most important question, your wife is very right.


I suspect your wife is correct. At least that’s been my experience. Rather, just go down to Harbor Freight and for $15 buy one of those point and shoot thermometers and take a reading off the vents and compare it to outside. I think it will be like the hot breath of someone blowing in your face.


Wish I cold say I still had the air vent control that allowed fresh air in, that was like so 70’s, what happens in new cars is smoke and mirrors.


If the car is “heat-soaked” in the sun after shutdown, engine heat is transmitted to the under-dash area through the fire wall and sunlight adds to dash heat such that, after startup, it can take a long time for the air from the vents to reduce to the outside air temperature.


Drop the subject and get your new ride ASAP. If you are writing to use about it, you’ve probably spent too much time arguing about it at home.