Increased operating range-keyless entry

If you are just out of range for your keyless remote to operate, place the fob to your throat and it will work. No kidding. When I first heard of this I thought it was a joke. Try it before you start laughing at me. I have proven it to many friends. I don’t know why, but it does work.

There was a lengthy thread on this a while ago. I think your scull is basically acting as an antenna dish, although there were some other “interesting” theories discussed.

The higher the fob is raised, the better it works. From the second floor, mine would work at 100 feet away. From the ground, thirty.

It’s probably because there are fewer obstacles in the way near your head than at your waist.

Do you have to stick your tongue out at the vehicle at the same time?

It works for the same reason that touching a rabbitears set top TV antenna makes the picture come in better. Your body is a pretty good antenna.

RF fobs (the majority of them) are DESIGNED to be held up, and not “pointed” towards the car like a TV remote! You, your skull, or your throat have nothing to do with it. The fob’s antenna (usually just a trace on the circuit board), produces strong signal “lobes” at right angles to the circuit board/antenna. Pointing the fob at the car puts the weakest signal towards the car (the strong lobes are now vertical). Holding the fob “up” (90 degrees from the car) points a strong signal lobe towards the car, for maximum range. Your body has no effect on it. IR fobs (there are a few of them) need, like a TV remote, to be pointed at the receiver on the car.

I did find the previously posted thread on this subject.

Sorry I didn’t search before I posted.

That link is very interesting. Brings some good “theory” to light. I don’t know which I believe to be correct. It does seem like the body parts involved have something to to with it. I have tried holding the fob over my head and twisting it in all directions. This does not seem to increase range like the “throat position” does.