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Incorrect data on my car?

I took my 96 Subaru Outback to a body shop recently to get an estimate for rust repair. I noticed when I got home that they printed out a description of my car, presumably based on the VIN they entered into their computer. However, the data they have has the wrong engine and transmission listed. I’m wondering if I need to correct this somewhere? And if so, how? Thanks.

Edited to add - I did check and the VIN entered is correct.

Don’t worry about it. It’s the program that they use and some don’t use the vin to fill in engine or trans type. Or it will use the base engine and trans as a default. For rust repair it would not matter so they did not correct it.

Oldbodyman is right. Since it’s with their shop and they aren’t doing engine or transmission work, it has no bearing.

Thanks very much - just made me wonder if they were tapping into some big database somewhere that had it wrong. I will ignore and continue to live in bliss… Now I need to save up for that body work.

I bet its not cheap. Just paid $200.00 for 2qts of paint 1 qt 2k primer and 1 gal thinner for clean up.

No, it isn’t cheap, but I really can’t do it myself - I have neither the expertise or the place to do it (no garage at this house).