In need of Radiator to Heater core hose Diagrams 93 Jetta 2.0L Gas 5 speed manual

I Got a 1993 Jetta 4 door 2.0L 5 speed manual transmission Gas Vehicle, Unfortunately though The Hoses Running through the Firewall from Heater core to Engine compartment Were Cut in Engine bay Just out of the firewall. It Was then Re-routed back into the engine, and if you Will, Mcguyvered. I am Attempting to Track down Some form of Hose Diagram, so that I Can figure out the Proper way to Reconnect the New Heater core I got. I have pictures of Said Issues, but Site isn’t Allowing me to Upload these, because file size is too large. Does Anyone know where I Can get a “Diagram” of sorts for My heater Hoses, and The Way that They “Should Be” Run? Theirs a Few 90’s and hose clamps, and a Few Other items on The hoses to run them back into Engine and it Was done Prior to me Receiving The vehicle, and Am Unsure as to Which is in/Out, and what is “Supposed” to be there and Whats not! It is Very hard to Fix “Other People’s” Mistakes, Especially when you Have No Idea What and Why they did it. Please Help! And Thank You guys for Reading/Helping/ETC. Feel free to Email me or comment/Reply! One other thing, I Have Also Called VW Dealers, Other Mechanics, and Even Several Mechanic Shops, However I seem to get the Same Answer, “They have No idea as to How/Where to get that information”. This point I Find Quite Ironic, since if I brought the car to Them They Would be Able to Fix it, Yet They Claim to “Have No Idea”. Unsure as to Why that is, but it is kind of a Nightmare under the hood, but Still, Could Truly Use a Hand with some information! Thanks Again!

Yes they can put the hoses in the proper place if they have the vehicle . But if they try and tell you over the phone and you misunderstand that is not good. Also they have no way of knowing if someone really made a mess of the hose routing without seeing this thing in person. Overheating can ruin an engine so why not just let someone fix this correctly.

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Thank You Volvo_V70 for Replying, Your input is Extremely Valid and Yes, Believe me I Have thought about that, Just bringing the car to Them and Having them Re-Route the hoses Properly, but I Know how to do the work, I am a Mechanic, of Sorts. I Was, however, Only calling those places to find a Hose Placement type Diagram so that I can do the work myself. I Don’t much see the sense in paying them Hundreds of Dollar’s in labor costs, Not to mention the Much more expensive “Parts/Hoses” etc, that they would charge me. I can do the labor, and buy All the necessary hoses and etc, For a Mere Fraction of the price that they would charge me. The Work is Simple, I mean they have All kinds of Wiring diagrams etc, but Why not for The hoses, and Their Routing? I guess what I’m Saying is they wanted to Charge me $580, at the Cheap end for labor, Not including parts, I Can do that Work without spending that much if I Had the diagram. I guess I just find it Peculiar that I Cannot seem to find Any form of Diagram for the Hoses, Not in My Haynes/Chilton, not too sure about the “Bentley” Books, but figured here might be a Great Place to get a Few Answers and Save myself Hundreds of Dollar’s!

This is for a 96 Jetta. So I don’t know if it will be of any help.


If I had that problem I’d just try it both ways. Before doing that however I’d use a garden hose to flush out the heater core both ways first, otherwise I’d worry I might connect it up the wrong direction and reverse-flush gunk from the heater core into the engine coolant, undesirable. Plus I’d end up with a pristine heater core.

Before going to all that trouble, stop by a VW Dealership parts or service department, they might know right away.

BTW, you can delay this for the summer if you want. Just connect the two hoses together for now, bypassing the heater core.

Think about this from the shops point of view. You want them to spend their time and or expertise researching something for you and dp it for free. What is in it for them ? They are working to make a living like everyone else and spending time to help you only interferes with that.

.If you have a mechanic you have given a lot of work to, they might be inclined to help you , but barring that, your best bet is a VW parts counter that might have a diagram for what you want.

That’s what the previous owner did, he’s trying to hook it back up after getting a new heater core.

Thank You It_s_Me!! And Also Thank You Everyone Else for Responding! Also a SPECIAL Thanks to “Tester”, as Well, for Providing The CORRECT, Information, I Sincerely Appreciate Both of YOU!!! “Tester”, For The Diagram! As Well as “It_s_Me” For The ACTUAL Reading of My Post! Thank You ALL Again for Commenting/etc, and Lastly I Would Like to Pose 1 Last Question! Why is it That Folks Read, but Only part of the Issue, Yet Do Not get the ENTIRE Question? These are Forum’s, After All, and Mechanics, Car guru’s, and those Looking for HELP, Alike, All Ask Questions Here, and “Sincerely” I Am Sorry, but Answering as if NO Question “Existed” at All in the First Place, is “Un-Becoming” of an… “Answer”… If You Will. Just Food For Thought! Again Thank YOU ALL, For Your INPUT!


My public library has a library of repair manuals. Maybe yours does as well. I know it’s kind of old school to go to a library, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that out last year.

The same reason folks have to write a whole book to ask what could have been a simple 2 or 3 sentence question

Would have been sufficient

Really not sure why you are so upset at the responses and felt the need to us all caps on some words as if you are yelling at someone. Yes , this is a Forum and it is free so there is not a way to dictate the responses . The places you called have to pay for their service manuals and they are not libraries and they should not be expected to provide info over the phone about a vehicle they have not seen.

I did not see any post that was out of line so again I say relax and in the future just realize that this place can and does help people .