In defense of touch screens

Ray, the “Touch-Screen Technology is a step in the wrong” question from Barbara was way off base. I own a 2017 Forester with the fancy radio and other safety features. In addition to the touch screen controls for the radio, it has a knob for volume and a knob for station selection. Also the steering wheel has buttons to control these two functions, and an ability to define presets. Even if you have a 1950 am radio, you gotta look at the radio to tell what station you’re on unless you just recognize the voice. All the temp controls and other features are controlled by KNOBS, with the values displayed on the screen. With any new car, ya gotta take a few minutes to learn how the radio and temp controls work. This is a magnificant vehicle. andohbytheway, I’m 73 years old, not a young punk, and I bought this car as the driving equivalent of assisted living for seniors. It gets rave reviews from every car magazine for it’s usability. Thank you.

Russell Hughes
PS: Your signup screen doesn’t work. I can’t scroll to any menu items past the ones that are first displayed, therefore I can’t complete my signup.