In a pickle, could use some solid advice

I own a 2002 Range Rover (POS) and owe more than its worth. The problem is that I need to sell it fast due to cost of maintenance and it not being a reliable for travel. I am thinking of trading in or private party selling it but understand I will not get equity out of this vehicle…so I am thinking I would finance the money I owe on it into a new loan when I purchase new car. The issue is finding someone who would get creative on a loan and work with someone who has less than stellar credit (job loss). I feel totally at a loss and stuck and not sure where to begin… what would be your advice on how to proceed?

Problem? Which problem? Unreliable is very general. Electrical? Clean engine to body ground connection at the body end. Remove, scrape, replace. If you disconnect the battery, DON’T, your computer will reset, so just insure the connections are tight. Maybe it will seem more reliable, maybe not. Sell for what you owe.

Contact the people you owe and talk to them. You don’t have to pay to do that.

What you’re proposing is to go even further into debt than you already are. I fail to see how this would help your situation.

Car dealers are experts at “creative” financing, and if you want to trade the Range Rover I’m sure you can find someone to work with you, but you’ll just end up in a deeper hole than the one you’re in now.

There is no quick, easy solution to this problem. Sooner or later you have to pay back all the money you’ve borrowed.


Where do you want to go for a different vehicle, small, second hand inexpensive sedan or another behemoth ? That might help determine your options.

I understand the desire for a reliable vehicle, and I’m sure you’re tired of paying to keep the Rover running, I just don’t think rolling the debt into another vehicle is a good idea.

You may have no choice, but that doesn’t make it a good idea or a smart move.

Are you planning to buy a new car or a used car?

Sugar Shorts, Your “Outgo” Exceeds Your “Income”.

Decrease your outgo or increase your income.

Meanwhile, I’d say you need to back to even. Sell the POS outright and pay off the POS loan. Take any remaining money you can scrounge up and buy the best “better POS” you can afford.

Save some money and buy a real car when you’ve got enough.

You can’t keep going the way you’ve been going. You have champagne taste and a beer budget. Too bad you didn’t ask some questions here before you went into debt on a 2002 Rage Monger POS.

You are mortgaging your future just like the Federal Government does. Pay cash for everything and these types of problems won’t keep you behind the 8-ball.


If you don’t have a job, why do you need a vehicle?? Tell the bank to come and get it and use public transportation until you get back on your feet and pay cash for a vehicle or just continue to live without one…

Frying pan to the fire sugarshorts. Assuming you could find some "creative finance"
you will absolutely-positively-believe it be digging a much bigger hole. Forget a new car. No amount of maintenance will come anywhere near the added costs of what you are thinking. You are at a loss and you are stuck. My advice is that you “begin” by understanding clearly where you are. Your stated intentions show that is not happening. Get one or two extra jobs (pizza delivery included) and make it your goal to pay this car off. When it is paid off, then start saving an amount each month equal to your old car payment. Buy a new car when you have 100% cash to pay for it. You will then spend the rest of your life ahead of the eight ball and you will never regret it.