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Improvement in car mileage

The caller with a Toyota Matrix in Mechanic Falls, ME says his mileage has gone up by about 20%. Could he be driving to Canada to purchase gas now? (You had a Puzzler along these lines a few years ago). SGK

You can’t get to Canada from there. You’d have to go somewhere else first.

Yes, you can absolutely get to Canada from Mechanic Falls, ME. It’s probably an 80 mile drive, but you can definitely get there.

I think it was meant as a joke. Imagine someone saying in a Maine accent, “You can’t get there from here.”

My feeling is that the first gas station was under-pumping rather than subsequent ones were being generous.

Got it. A-yuh.

I can hear it already!

My '03 Matrix did the same thing a couple of years ago right after I put a new battery in it. The mileage went from about 36 mpg to 41 and still is at that level. Also, the car still has its factory brakes and clutch.

His odometer switched to KM instead of miles. He reset it and went back to normal MPG. I can see the headline now; Mechanic Falls, economy improves.