Improve performance

I have a 2002 manual honda civic ex with 106,000 miles. I use fuel and injector cleaner once in a while and have replace the air and cabin filter too. It seems that my car has lost some power. Any advice?

You should have a owner’s manual. In the manual is a list of regular maintenance things that need to be done on a regular basis to maintain the life and performance of your car. It will include engine air filter, oil changes with filter, spark plugs and wires, fuel filter brake fluid changes, air pressure in your tyres, proper octane for the gas and more. That is the place to start. Assuming you don’t have a check engine light I would start by getting all those and anything else listed in the owner’s manual up to date.

If you have a timing belt, rather than a chain, it is likely time to replace it also.

All those things added together could cost a few $$ but they are part of the cost of driving and it is much much cheaper to do them before your car is damaged from not doing them. It is more than just performance.

I would suggest that today few cars ever need fuel cleaners of any kind, it is in all gasolines.

Have you followed the maintenance schedule that came with the car? At 106K miles, more than the air filter should have been replaced. Spark plugs? Fuel filter?

Read the maintenance schedule, bring the car fully up to date, and see if the power isn’t back to what it should be.

Have you replaced the spark plugs?

When is the last time you changed the motor oil? When is the last time you changed the transmission oil?