Improper repairs and inspection, family almost died, & they want more money... now what do I do?

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**_for what its worth I heard that at a fire-stones Boss told his mechanics if you dont get over $90 dollars on anything that comes into-the shop there,s the back door.

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Bosses ?? or carp ??

I meant the carp, but I have worked for bosses that were full of fertilizer.

If asking them to do tests to determine whether or not they were at fault, consider what they need to do in order to give an honest answer:

  • The person you talk to has to be willing to be vulnerable to an upset customer, who might sue
  • They have to take your side over their own interests
  • Ditto the manager
  • Any mechanic involved has to maybe admit that they (or their buddy) screwed up, and both accept the overly-dreaded “getting in trouble” and take a risk of losing their job
  • It’s so easy for any of multiple people to either do the easy thing and tell a little white lie, or decide that you are trying to con them into doing free car work, or for there to be an honest misunderstanding or confusion about which of the multiple jobs going on the ‘it’ in “yeah, ‘it’ was broken before” refers to.

Independent inspection is far preferable.

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Me too, over flowing in fact :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  1. a used car is a tremendous savings over a new one bumper-bumper warranty sueable + monthly payments … the latter to be compared to current & future repairs/maintenance, always more than new forgetaboutit vehicles … this should begin to put things into perspective
  2. towing is not cheap soooo fix it again Tony and never go back to lack of quality control mechanics, now free to roll again - anything else amiss gets a CarTalk & BBB recommended mechanic, else dealer as 2nd choice
  3. lose the drama to think clearly - ANY car can kill you, only tons of money might be protection from both manufacturers & light runner crashes; NOW focus on a) repairs that stay under new car costs or b) cut your losses on this one, trade for new w/warranty … that a 2yo deserves
  1. This is why we bought used. That does not excuse Firestone’s negligence.

  2. Firestone paid to tow it back but refused to fix their mistakes unless paid more. We took it to another shop and taking Firestone to small claims court.

  3. Yes, not only cars but ANYTHING can kill you. That’s not the point. We’ve already decided what amount of repairs still makes keeping the van worthwhile. It’s a great vehicle. The “dramatics” is not over exaggeration. They did not bolt the wheel, gave the van a passed safety inspection, and my husband had absolutely no brakes. He could have died because of their mistakes. They further ruined a part on the van due to their negligence and refused to fix it. It’s not the van’s fault for incompetent mechanics and Firestone managers.

Just passing the inspection without actually inspecting sounds a little juvenile , which can in-turn, gave him an excuse to find more work. Most mechanics have enough pride not to say such words .
If he were to say that they may have rushed it and didn’t pay close attention is one thing. And he would have had to park the car in the lot and heard something that didn’t sound right anyhow. And how all this happened after it was inspected also leaves a bad taste.