Ignition Switch Problem with 2006 Mercury Milan

I have a 2006 Mercury Milan. Recently, I put the automatic transmission in park and turned off the engine. When I went to remove the key from the ignition switch, I was unable to remove it. I tried moving the shift lever up and down and in and out of park, but still could not remove the key. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, how did you solve it? I was told that the problem was in the automatic transmission shift control, but seriously doubt it. Another friend suggested that it was the ignition switch itself, and that Ford was notorious for this problem (he has a 1998 Ranger and has had two ignition switch replacements).

I also think the trouble you are having is due to lock mechanism itself. Perhaps the locking pins are not lining up as they should be so the key is jammed from being removed from the lock cylinder. You will just have to try to find the correct position in order to remove the key. You might need to have the lock replaced and/or have a new key cut in order to fix the trouble.

Not sure if this will be helpful to OP, but something like this happens sometimes on my early 90’s manual xmission Corolla. Usually it is caused in my case b/c the way I parked, the front wheel ended up directly against the curb. One time I had to get out and push the car forward a bit to free it from the curb, then there was enough wiggle in the wheels the key switch would free up and work. I started this “key routine” which has helped also. I put the keys into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes once a month. The idea is a clean key is a good key. And once or twice a week I take one of those short stubby pencils I get from the golf course and run the point along the surfaces of the key, lubricating it with some graphite. That routine has reduced the frequency of the problem for me. Also, the less weight on your key chain the better. A lot of stuff hanging and swinging on the key chain with the key inserted in the lock can damage this mechanism over time.