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Ignition problem - toyota space cruiser

when i stop my 86 toyota van after i’ve driven it a bit, it won’t start again. dash lights come on. there’s a little click, but no igniting. the only thing that restarts it is a jump from another vehicle. i’ve had the battery replaced twice, the starter replaced, the alternator checked and other points on the charging system checked without any obvious trouble. after each of these repairs has been made (starter and battery), the problem disappears for a couple of months, then creeps back. it gets increasingly worse with time.

Either your alternator is not charging the battery, or there is a drain of current off the battery when the van is parked, or you’ve been incredibly unlucky in buying several defective batteries, or your battery cables are loose and/or corroded and/or worn out. This should not be hard to figure out.

Who checked the charging system and declaried it OK? They may simply be mistaken. If the alternator is truly OK, then have the amount of current being drained off the battery checked with the van parked and the key out of the ignition.

Don’t go to a chain repair shop, or quickie service place for these checks. Go to a good independant mechanic or a specialty car electronics repair shop.

Info like how often you drive the van? How many miles per drive? How long it sits parked without moving? Info on how you use the van can be clues to finding your problem.