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Igniter for Toyota truck

We are having fits finding an igniter for our 1979 Toyota truck Chinook conversion. We love this little camper, and really want to roam the world in it this summer…on another-not-named discussion group, it was stated that almost any igniter will work, as long as it’s not fuel injection. Is this true, or even likely?

its a pickup truck,don’t tell parts man its a camper,just vin,and year,and no you can’t just use any they work the same sometimes wire colors change.

The first poster has a very good suggestion in looking for the ignitor; the Chinook conversion is likely unnecessary information. I’ve found ignitors on Ebay. On Ebay, they’ll likely list the numbers on them, and a picture, too.

Another place to find used parts is .

Nick list one for 79 Toyota pickup 2.2L four, list Price $375.00. Not a inexpensive part.

I had a 79 Toyota truck that finally suffered a broken/rusted frame. I sold it for parts, but I have a good original igniter and some other parts that I would be happy to pass on to you at nominal cost. If there is a secure way for you to reach me via this website, I would like to help.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and just go to NAPA and get a reman distributor for a 79 Toyota truck. The shaft bushings wear out in these distributor and could actually be your problem, not the ignitor. It should run you about $200.