If you're seeking a Willys sedan from the '50s

… or a lot of other cars from the '50s & '60s, you should enter a bid at this upcoming auction.

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I wouldl take the 1957 chevy, the grey 1966 GTO and the 1969 vette. :wink: :rofl:

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Guess we know what business is a profitable one.

It seems to me that I have always thought I remember one of those in our driveway when I was about two. Nobody to ask anymore but always thought dad had a Willy’s at one time. The body style and years just don’t jive though so it might have been a 51 Chevy or something. They seemed to be good cars though.

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I was debating the merits and demerits of aggressive driving with one of my co-workers. He said his philosophy was simply to get where he’s going as fast as possible, and so rapid starts and stops is fine with him, he’s just using his own car in the way he wants to use it. I concur, it’s his car and he should use it like he wants to. Then I said that’s why I hold stock in companies that make brake and suspension replacement parts, every fast start and quick stop, I get a little dividend … lol …


You’re possibly going to get me in trouble. Southampton is only 40 minutes north of me, and that pink Cadillac may be calling to me. Fortunately, i have no desire for anything made by Chevy or Willys.

I got my Hemmings today and included was a flyer for the Raleigh auction. The have two beautiful 59 pontiacs. Outside of the $50-60,000 price I’m sure, I have absolutely no idea what I would do with one.

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These Van Der Brink auctions are always a good source for project cars, or at least parts donors.

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You could wax the car, isn’t that your past time? Being married there is little chance you will be allowed to buy a used car.

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I disagree. There are limits to what is acceptable. It’s hard to tell from your post how your friend actually drives. Extreme examples like rapid starts and stops in poor driving conditions or weaving through spaces barely larger than one car length are just asking for trouble. You seem to have ignored that a 3000 lb or more vehicle is dangerous and we owe it to our neighbors to drive responsibly. A little of what you condone is OK but too much is a bad thing.

You make a good point, but my intention wasn’t to condone the aggressive driving activity. What brought the discussion on, I noticed he was driving too aggressively in the parking lot, endangering others. So should I do? B/c it is endangering me too. If I tell him he’s driving too fast in the parking lot, seems unlikely to do any good. Who am I to tell him how fast to drive? I expect he’d just drive even faster in the parking to prove a point. So decided to try a little psychology, point out that when he drives fast, I make money. Jealously can be very effective. Like if you have two dogs, and put a separate bowl of food out for each, sometimes one dog isn’t hungry, but b/c of jealously bullies the one that is hungry from eating his bowl of food. So did this idea work? No … lol … but at least he didn’t drive even faster in the parking lot.

Here’s what you tell him: “You’re being a jerk and an idiot. You could kill somebody, like ME.”


Fun fact: Willys were not made by somebody named Willy, but by a company founded by John Willys. Pronounced ‘Wiliss’ supposedly.


Sign on the back of a septic truck…

Might be $h1t to you, but it is bread and butter to me!


That is correct!

We had a septic system service company in my area whose employees wore tshirts that said “your sh*t puts food on our table”.