If only he had something

I know that this isn’t really car-related, but I think we all need a laugh.


when one fork lift is not enough

I think the yellow forklift has a 30’ height reach?

Heh heh heh. I’m sure they took the key on him-not authorized. Reminds me when I tried to use the radial arm saw at Knox (now defunct) to cut a board in two to get it in the car. The lumber jock wouldn’t cut it and unplugged the saw so I couldn’t use it either. Fooled ya, got a saw in the car just in case.

At work we bought a surplus Army forklift just for once in a while need. I think I paid $1000 for it or something. Couldn’t hardly make it up the ramp to get out of the garage but it had at least a 30’ reach I guess for use in an Army depot. Came in handy when the guys were trying to replace the parking area light. Only thing that would reach without a boom. Nothing you’d want yourself but wish your neighbor had.

Funny picture, but the guy had been on a ladder that reached to the ceiling. Darned scissor lift was in the way and he didn’t have the key.

That picture gives forklift companies nightmares!

I used to work for one, we passed pictures like that around to impress upon the troops to ask themselves… What would an idiot try with our machines?


Years ago the electric forklift we use at the store where I work got stuck on the iced over floor of the walk in freezer. When our safety lead walked in and saw workers lifting up the forklift with the electric pallet jack to put cardboard under the wheels he ran from the scene. Much easier to just keep the floor clean (which is what we’ve done since)

My dept designed a traction control system for just that problem. Freezers are tough environments.

My job when the grocery manager drives the forklift in there is to throw a little ice melter under the wheels if they get stuck. We have something like this tool to scrape what Ice builds up (on a long handle) l.