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If i decide that i dont want to change gears can i release the clutch?

pretty straight forward since today i was about to just pop the car in gear 1 after being in gear 2 and the light went green so instead of downshifting to gear 1 i just released the clutch staying in gear 2 allowing the rpms to go back to 3k am i good? dont think that qualifies as popping the clutch

also never smelt clutch

I smell a Troll.
This is this persons second similar post and reads a lot like the ones from TELmadawi . It seems strange to me. If I am wrong I will apologize.


If you drive a manual for a few thousand miles and by that time it just doesn’t come automatically what you should or shouldn’t be doing, I dunno, maybe that’s why there are automatics.

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If you are moving in second gear at 3000 RPMs why would you need first gear? Wouldn’t first gear place you at 5000 RPMs? Perhaps third gear would have been the better choice.

forgot to add that was going to slowdown and then downshift

After slowing chose the appropriate gear to accelerate, there is no need to stop and shift into first gear.

No problem whatsoever.

“also never smelt clutch”

There’s something fishy about that post…

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But did he/she smell brain, from over thinking the whole thing?
3000 rpm is not all that high. Now if it was 5000 or more you need to re-think your actions. BTW “popping” the clutch is how fast you engage it, not how fast the engine is spinning.

With little punctuation or capital letters, your post is difficult to understand. A little advice, you’d serve you own interests better here by taking a little more time so to post . Add some punctuation at least, so the sentences don’t run together. That said, if I’m understanding what you did, sounds good to me. That’s an awkward moment with a manual xmission, when you think you need to slow down, then suddenly realize you need to speed up instead. Sometimes when that happens to me I’m able to effortless shift into a higher gear and speed up w/no problem. But sometimes I don’t have quite enough speed to do that, and end up bogging down the engine, and so have to downshift again. Comes w/driving a car w/a clutch. I think it makes the driving experience more challenging & fun.