Idiot book translation please

Manual says, “The seven-wire trailer harness is protected by an in-line fuse. The fuse is near the junction box”

Anyone know exactly where this is located on a 1995 GMC Suburban and what the in-line fuse looks like?

(I’m receiving low voltage at the factory installed trailer harness)

Most fuses are in a block called a fuse block. An inline fuse is in the line, i.e. wire at each end.

At first, it sounds like the junction box is where the trailer wires plug into. So it is at the rear bumper.

If your Burb has an underhood fuse/relay box, (my ‘02 Tahoes’ is sitting by the drivers side front fender) you may see a wire (possibly blue in color) coming out from the box and has a fuse ‘in-line’. In other words, fuse in the line)

Check all the trailer plug wiring for solid and clean, tight connections, especially ground. Check to ensure the in-box fuse has a clean and tight fit. Yours may have two fuses doing the same job.
Over time, corrosion builds up through humidity.