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i have a 2001 saturn l200 2.2 about 163000 miles on it…i was told from the shop that my car been stalling…so i put new coil pack and new spark plugs in and thay told me thay got a code for crankshaft sensor so i get a new one put and now it still saying my car is still stalling…so i unhock iac while the car was running to see if rpm goes up of down it done none of them…can someone tell me how i can check and see if my iacv is going bad

If you can keep the engine idling by slightly stepping on the gas pedal the IAC valve circuit is the problem.


well the car never died on me if i let car idle it idles about 700 rmp if i unplug iac while the car is running it still idle 700 rpm

If the car doesn’t stall while idling, there’s not a problem with the IAC valve.


i do feel like the car intermites sometime

and viberats