I saw a premature death today

I was crossing a street in Center City Philadelphia today, in front of a line of cars waiting for their light to turn green. The first car in line was a very recent model Impala, and it looked sharp. As I was even with the center of the grill, a main bearing started loudly knocking. I expected the driver to shut it down, but no. The light turned green, the car made it to the far side of Market Street (4 lanes) before shutting down in a cloud of white smoke. I’m willing to bet the owner will be complaining forever after about “that lemon”.

I suspect that was a turbo 4 that has been put in everything to please the EPA. I drove one and it was very peppy but I don’t like turbos.

Unless the owner ran the engine low on oil, it really was a lemon, so what exactly is your point?

The Impala of the past few years has been a very sharp looking sedan. I like its looks. And the 2014 model I test drove multiple times before deciding to buy my Camry had a very, very comfy ride, nice handling, and was quiet. I was very, very tempted to get it. But I’ve not only been pleased with my Camry, I have been glad I passed on the Impala due to the problems that year Impala has proven prone to according to what I’ve read.

The point is when you hear a loud knock from the engine, you shut it off.


Business trip last month I drove an Impala.

I’ll give it extremely high marks for smoothness of ride and quietness.

And give it extremely LOW marks for ergonomics. I’m 6’3 and to be comfortable I have to have the seat all the way back. The pillar between the front and back door was no lined up with my mid-thigh. So in order for me to get out of the car I had to scoot forward about 6" and then squeeze my legs out. Extremely difficult for someone who’s tall to get in and out of. My co-worker who was with me was 5’11" and he found it very uncomfortable too.

Agreed. I wonder how long the check engine light was on. “Hey, it just makes that noise, but still goes.”

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Probably as long as the low oil light :crazy_face: