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I made a boo boo with my car

Yeah I wanted to choose my insults carefully lol. More good news is once he bypassed the wretched thing it seemed to start without any issues at all.

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Thanks for the update OP. Glad you have a vehicle that now starts consistently.

I had a similar problem with a new car I had recently purchased where it wouldn’t start sometimes. Turned out to be a connector the dealership installed to prevent theft of new cars from their lot. To start the car the sales-staff would plug something they had in their pocket into that connector. Unless that was plugged in, the car wouldn’t start. When they sold the car the dealership left the connector installed, but as part of their after-sale prep they changed the wiring so nothing had to be plugged into it. One day I bumped my knee into that connector and cracked it. I didn’t realize it was even there, until I got out the car’s wiring schematic and started tracing the starting circuitry and noticed something under the dashboard that wasn’t supposed to be there.