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I love my Aztek; what now?

I know the Aztek was not a very popular car but I have had my 3rd one for 4 yrs. I still get 27-28 mpg, can car camp and sleep in it going solo through NW U.S. and Canada. Did I mention that I’m 72? Last year my mechanic said “I’ve never had any car come in without being towed.” Though having NO problems, I spent $1500 to replace all gaskets, hoses, etc. before a 5,000 mile trip. The above maintenance is the only expense other than routine and a brake job. I drove 30,000 a yr. on business first two years. Current mileage: 132,000. Turned in first two with 150,000 on each. QUESTION: (1)how long am I going to be able to get parts? (2) is there any other car with 72" (the length of a twin bed) from back of front seat to tailgate?

Since you already own it and like it, hang on to it! GM will be in business fir some time to come, and will supply parts for about 10 years. Since it has many common parts with other GM vehicles, there won’t be any mechanical parts problems. You may have difficulties in 10 years getting body part, especially the back window.

In the mean time you are much further ahead to just keep driving and enjoying it!

Happy trails!

I don’t think you should have any particular problems with parts because it shares it’s platform with the Buick Rendezvous, which was a much more popular car.

If you are looking to replace it, the Honda Element would probably be the best fit for what you describe.

Why did you replace all the gaskets? Was it preventative maintenance? I assume that PM was the reason to replace the hoses. You may or may not have needed to replace all those items, but that is in the past. You likely will never have to replace them again. If those are the only replacements you’ve had since owning the car besides serpentine belt, tires, oil, filters, and wipers, you are doing quite well. You like it, and should keep it. Just expect that other items will need to be replaced eventually. Until your repairs become excessive, keep it.