I hurt my lower back while removing lug nuts/replacing tire. Is there a better tool to use?

For a “spinner”, I think of a speed handle wrench.

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One thing I learned years ago. Once I find the end that works for my car I paint it white. So I don’t waste time the next time I use it!

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A “Spanner” is a British term for a wrench. It got its name because it “spanned” the distance across the flats of a nut or bolt… My Mother was a Scot and my Maternal Grandparents were a big part of my early life and my Scot Grandfather and my father (not a scot…) would get into “it” every time they worked together and my Grandpa asked for the Spanner and my Father would say, “Do you mean wrench?” or my Farther asked for a wrench and my Grandpa would say, “Do you mean Spanner?” So I was introduced to that term “of endearment” early in my young life.

As for “Spinner,” we did not have a Speed Wrench or Speed Drive… But I do remember the term being a derogatory term for petite women…

Whatever you want to call it, I’ve got one hanging on the wall that hasn’t been touched in years. I grab the cordless version instead.

Mine has 3 sockets and 1 pry end.


That style would be handy for removing wheel covers. Heh, heh, I dented a few “baby moons” reinstalling with a rubber mallet.

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Had friends that could break an anvil with a rubber mallet. :wink:

Was that Popeye after eating a an of spinach?

My GF took her car to Wal-Mart for a tire rotation. I recently had to work on her brakes. One side was actually finger loose. The lug nuts were not even tight at all and she had to have been hearing noise of some sort. On the other hand, I guess the torque they omitted got added to the other side. I was worried about breaking the studs or rounding off the lugnuts as they were so tight.

I told her I was going to get something as they weren’t playing nice so I went inside and brought this out. M18 FUEL™ 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring (Tool Only)

The lug nuts came right off. There was no visible damage or stretching of the studs so think they are OK. You do not need to put every bit of strength into tightening lug nuts. DO NOT use something like this and just let it rip to put the lugs back on. I usually spin them on until I start to feel resistance and then hand tighten.

lol … funny story, good thing you discovered the problem …

Yeah, this is why I prefer to to basic stuff myself. I wouldn’t have picked Wal-Mart for this but don’t have a lift so prefer to pay $20 or whatever it costs around here to have a shop rotate the tires.

If you are dealing with ford or bmw (not sure why you would but some people do), you BETTER use a torque wrench. Unless your goal is to warp rotors, that is. For Toyota, for example, it’s not necessary but I still do. Just in case.