I have a new engine noise



1993 Lexus ES 300 with 160,OOO (+/-) miles. Now is making an engine noise. The noise is a medium to high pitched hum that tracks the rpm. It is just loud enough to be heard over the radio with the windows closed. The car hasn’t lost power or is loosing oil. What is it???


Noises are often difficult to diagnose, even when a person has car repair experience and can personally hear the noise. You may have something loose that is vibrating. Check around under your hood for a loose or broken bracket or sheet metal item. Exhaust system plumbing and shields can make noise too. Is there a component that is near to touching the engine during engine movement during acceleration?


Do you want to keep the noise, get it lower than the radio, just find what’s causing it? You don’t state, so one doesn’t want to presumptively assume. To identify a noise, go to the Cartalk home page, and click on Actual Car Information. Then, scroll down to the ear (Car Noise Emporium) to, “Play nearly 30 car noises and get the official diagnosis”. After you’ve identified the noise, you can brag to your friends, “I got me a ______ sound. Thanks to Cartalk, she’s got a name!”