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I fear the worst!


2001 Ford Focus LX, 2.0 14SFI


Drove up a steep hill with no noticeable problems, aside from the obvious lack of muscle. Parked for a while. Upon starting the car, a loud noise, clanking/clappering. Sounded like a belt (or something harder) broke but louder and more harsh.

I started and turned off a few times, then coasted/drove home with the very loud noises and slight motor surges.

I cannot see any broken belts, disconnected pipes, etc.


Car has consistently had noise and vibrations which I was told were the motor mounts.

At least the car is running. Deal with your fears and have the car towed to a mechanic. If you keep driving it you will very likely cause more damage and your worst fears will be realized.

I agree, have it towed to your mechanic. More driving can cause more damage, depending on what the problem is.

Good Luck

I too agree. If you really feared the worst, you should have pulled over and called a tow truck to minimize the damage.

Did you engage the parking brake before you exited the vehicle? If not, the strain from being parked on the hill may have caused the parking prawl to become damaged when you started moving again

Have the car towed to your favorite shop.

If anything like this ever happens again, don’t continue to drive on. Call for a tow. Continuing to drive a vehicle that’s crying out in pain is what often turns minor problems into destroyed engines.

Was the “steep hill” paved or were you off-roading?