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2001 acura cl premium 3.2l v6 installed full 3.5 intake off 03 mdx bottom to top. New injectors, new map, several new iac valves now, and tps . Been running great till a week ago . Idle surging , jerking , no power when hitting gas , had to run a new signal line from the computer for the map , iac, and tps to get it to run descent . Has anyone had this happen or any clue what happend?

NObody that just wants a drive-able Acura does this so no one has had this happen but you. I have no idea about the cross-compatibility of the parts you installed or why you did this.

I am not sure what you mean by “signal line.” I’d suggest searching for Honda or Acura forums for someone that has tried this hack.


Splicing computer wires often results in some annoying problems sooner or later and it’s usually sooner.

Do you have a live data scanner? If so what did you find that caused all the parts swapping and wiring repairs so far?

I can’t tell you what’s going on or what to do about it. However, I note there is a part number variation (no surprise there) with the intake manifold gaskets from one to the other. This means something is NOT going to mate up correctly.

One seems to have a few more tiny holes than the other which has little to no tiny holes.

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I have a scanner and I bought the actually maintenance book on how to fix and repair all parts I go by the book but things dnt always match up. Signal wire is what tells the sensors what to do and when and how much.exp.tps black/red wire that’s how you measure your .5 throttle closed 4.5 throttle wide open

Just to inform I have changed crank sensor have new pulleys coming tomorrow for crankshaft, idler , and powersteering. I have had new map ,tps, and iac valve . New engine and transmission mounts , all new front end . All new thermal gaskets for Intake everything put in correctly . Like I said it ran great for 6 months then poo. Egr new o2 sensors new. Intake ports cleaned no blockages. New fuel pump filter and injectors.thats the back ground of my 2001 acura cl

Sounds to me like a bad catalytic converter.Did you check that?

Forgot to mention brand new manzo headers ,downpipe, flowmaster cat, and catback exhaust

Anything’s possible with your non-oem configuration, but one guess given the above clue, you may have a grounding and/or shielding problem with the harness wires from the sensors to the computer. Those wires often require a separate shield (metal enclosure totally surrounding the wire, end to end) to prevent emi from the alternator, ignition system etc from interfering with the signals, and confusing the computer. You might need to buy shielded wire and replace the entire sensor harness. But since you already have that wire in place, try creating a makeshift shield by wrapping another wire (say 20-24 AWG) around the existing wires, looping every 1 to 2 inches, creating a sort of twisted pair effect. Then try grounding each side of the shield wire to the chassis or engine, or one side, or the other.

Austin, I hate to quote Dirty Harry Callahan twice in the same day, but I’m going to make an exception. “A man’s gotta know his limitations”, and I’m afraid you may have reached yours. The only other advice I can give is to take the car to a good mechanic, and if he says “return the car to stock condition”, do it.

Trust I’m at that point, well said dirty Harry I already started going back stock throttle body and upper intake are done already.

I’m gna look into the wiring or just put it back the way it was and take it to a pro .

When you become your own engine designer, you have to be your own mechanic. 60 years ago we could modify to our hearts content but everything was straight mechanic and electrical and ignition systems were easily understood.

We didn’t understand early fuel injection systems, but as it turned out, the factories didn’t either so most of them were replaced with carbs.

Alittle update car seems ok but idles poorly. Crank up around 900 rpm sometimes higher . Turn ac on drops to normal for a few minutes then up down 1500 to 500 till I cut it off. I have 3 brand new iac valves soon as I put one on cold malfunction in idle control circut. All three do the same. Put the old one back on no code but bad idle . Orderd a used ecu with exact same numbers as mine to test with . Thanks again for reading and responding about my 01 acura cl.

Problem solved bought a type s throttle body . Everything matched up except one pin hole going to tps. The 01 premium or base model does not have one for tps . Caused a vacuum leak . That went from one thing to another. Thanks for the suggestions and help.