I dont know whats wrong with my new car....!

I have a 2000 Eclipse GS the problem is that with im driving and i come to a stop like the car wants to turn off but it doesnt. And the other thing is that the previous owner took out the stereo and when he put it back it didnt work anymore and i got the code for it but i dont know how to put it in?

Your new car isn’t new so it might need a tune up or lots of other things. What can you tell us about the maintenance history of the car? Miles on the odometer? Miles of last change of spark plugs, plug wire, dist. cap?

Describe the symptoms “come to a stop like the car wants to turn off but it doesnt.” What does that mean? It shakes?, it stumbles", just what exactly does it do when you come to a stop?

For how to enter the radio code check the owner’s manual. If you don’t have one go to a Mitsubishi dealer for how to enter the code.

It could be electrical since you mentioned the previous owner had installed an aftermarket stereo. It’s hard to tell how the install was done without ripping into the car itself, but some people aren’t that “professional” about the install of aftermarket equipment