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I can answer that question in; ___ seconds, minuets.?

Some answers take research, and composing, time. How much time have you spent answering a Question raised by an OP (Original Poster)?

Less than 60 seconds for this one, including typing time.

Most times, I can give a decent, substantive response within two or three minutes. If it requires some research, I will usually try to come back to the post later in the day, after I have had a few minutes for research. So, I guess that my responses can take anywhere from two minutes to a few hours if we include the delay for research.

I do have to say however, that I have never done the Minuet, or the Waltz, or any other dance as a part of answering a question.


Sorry! The devil made me do that.

When it takes research involving reading the TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins), Online searches, finding and reading the wiring diagrams, taking notes, drafting the response and putting the final polishing on it, I have spent as much as an hour on a single question. It’s not unusual to take 15 to 20 minuets to get, formulate, and send a response.
I once told an OP that I had spent 30 minuets (actually, it had taken more than 45 minuets) on his problem, he seemed incredulous. I suppose that he couldn’t believe that one might not have everything at ones finger tips.
In the end, maybe someone has been helped; although, there’s not much feedback confirming this idea.

I usually don’t answer questions unless I know the answer, or have a good guess. There are nice persons on this board with good answers on the tip of their tongue with far greater experience, or the ones like you who care and have the resources and knowledge, so 30 seconds composing is it for me.