Hyundia Elantra Coolant leak...... How to Stop it

Ok heres the problem. I own a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with the standard 4 banger. About 6 months ago I noticed coolant residue on the mid steam hose. I removed the radiator cap and I didn’t have any coolant at the top. So I topped it up and found that the High side had pressure and the low side not so much. So I brought it in and the the Thermostat and hoses replaced. That should have solved it. 3 months later I openned the hood and noticed coolant on the Clutch actuator and the divots in the trany casing. So I took it in again. The mech said it was a slit in the lower rose. making an air pocket. Ok so they drained the coolant and replaced the hose. Two weeks later same story. The high end gets hot the lowend is leaking (dibbling) out the engine end of the lowside hose. I brought it to another mech and they checked the flow (good) pressure tested the system and head gasket(good). In short, they found nothing wrong. Thermostat opens fine everything is good.

Except… I am still finding coolant dibble on the trany case. Its not a major leak - about half a pint per week- but its annoying as hell. Any help here? Thanks in advance

Find another mechanic who will pressure test the system, and rev the engine up while looking for the source of the leak. Once the source of the leak is located, then the two of you can discuss how that leak should be fixed.

The other choice would be for you to buy a bottle of Bar’s Leaks, add that to your cooling system, and see if that slows down, or resolves the leak.


I know that the leak is coming out the end of the lowside hose, and I am not interested in clogging my cooling system with that crap. Bar’s leaks will get you out of a pinch but it screws up the engine in the long run. I am trying to figure out why It coming out of the hose.

I read that about three times and still can’t figure out what you are saying is leaking. Are you just saying that the lower radiator hose leaks? But that it was already replaced? Then there is a problem with the install, the clamp, or the engine side fitting. These can get damaged if someone is careless removing an old hose.

But you said a shop pressure tested the system and found no leaks?

The lower radiator hose is attached to a housing that may have a bad gasket. Some of these gasket problems may only leak when the engine is running or stressing to a certain level, like pulling away or climbing hills. There may also be a leak that is squirting the coolant to the lower radiator hose, making it look the like hose is leaking when it is not. The leak needs to be observed in action, like Bladecutter suggested.

Retourqued the hose clamps on the engine side then something wierd happened. The leak stopped on the engine side just to start on the radiator side. I tourque the radiator side as a quick fix but I am starting to wonder if the pressure cap may be worn - not allowing the coolant to return to the reservior when the system is over pressurized.


A new cap costs all of about $5-10. Just put one on.