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Hyundai Sonata & Audi A4

Does anyone think that the Hyundai Sonata looks very similar to the Audi A4? I know there is a big difference in the engine, performance etc, but in terms of just looks alone, it seems very similar.

Any thoughts in general on the Hyundai Sonata…seems to get good reviews (ranked in the top 5 family sedans in 2010 Consumer Reports).

It has developed an excellent reputation. I drove a rental Sonata for a week in 2005 and although my back couldn’t take it (my back’s fault, not the Sonata’s), I thought it was a really well done vehicle.

Take a long test drive. If you ilke it, I think it’s an excellent choice. Frankly, I’d persoally take the Sonata over the A4 anyday. A4s don’t have a great reputation for reliability. And I think the Sonata is better looking.

I really like the Hyundai Sonata. It is quiet, comfortable, and economical.

The Hyundai Sonata is one of the most reliable cars or the road and inexpensive to own over its very long projected life.

The Audi4, like the Volkswagen, is fun to drive, has good seats, holds the road well and will be very much less reliable, expensive to maintain and repair, and will have a shorter projected life due to extremely expensive repairs towards the end of its life, rendering it uneconomical to repair.

If money is not an issue, if you trade cars every 4 years maximum, and enjoy good handling cars, buy the Audi.

I think that the Hyundai Accord looks much more like the Honda Sonata. For the past several years, Hyundai has tried very hard to emulate the Honda sedan. So much so that yo can use the names interchangeably. It’s less that way for 2009 and 2010. Does the Sonata look like an A4? I don’t think so. But if you like the look of the Hyundai, why would you care whether it looks like an Audi?